Deleting this rule will make rodeo better for the following elements in rodeo; Contestants, Stock Contractors/Rodeo Producers, Rodeo Committees, Rodeo Judges, and Rodeo Fans/Spectators.

The rodeo will be a much quicker and smoother production. There will be less arguments, disagreements and bad calls by judges. This will “reduce injury” to cowboys and to rodeo livestock when it comes to getting out an animal which is fighting or causing trouble in the chute. A contestant can opt to nod for the gate to open even when the horse is not standing exactly straight and still. The rodeo committees, contestants and stock contractors will see less turn outs, especially when the rodeo is two go-rounds or more. The fans/spectators will be less confused and enjoy the rodeo more. They will also see more rides because of less turn outs.

It is time and really past time to do away with the Spur Our Rule with all of the disagreements, misunderstandings, wrongly called decisions, different implementations according to understanding uneven competition, arguments, and disputes it causes.


Ronnie Christian C12058L